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  A LITTLE SHIVER is not my first book. That one was written—all 45 pages of it— at age 12 in Middle School at Bay Shore, NY. It was a bloody ghost story. Back in those days, however, girls didn’t write scary stories—not ladylike. My English teacher reprimanded me and wrote a note to my mother. A guidance counselor spoke to me. Everyone was upset. This ended my writing career for many years but fortunately not forever.

My career has taken several wildly different turns. In addition to years spent as a technical writer and editor, I also successfully sold my wildlife paintings. And for more than twenty years, I was in business as a forensic document expert, authenticating, buying and selling historic autographs and rare documents. (Yes, I had some very interesting clients.) All this happened in addition to getting a technical education, being happily married, and raising three successful sons.

 Since retiring, I’m concentrating on fiction. MWA has published my story “How Not To Plan a Murder” and “Finding Your Stumbles.” Look for my contributions to “Letters Never Meant To Be Read.” I’m a member of the Authors Guild, the Maryland Writers Assn. and The Smithsburg Scribes.

My home is in Western Maryland where, with my black cat, Stella, I am producing more strange tales for my readers. There’s also a novel in progress. How do I describe my work? After two of my favorite authors:  O’Henry-style, Stephen King-Lite.

Barbara Clay Pengelly