2 November 2018

The Unexpected

2018-11-09T12:05:57-05:00By |

Dinner was over, and my two sons were busy decorating our Christmas tree. Instead of glorious evergreen branches smelling of the north woods, it was an [...]

28 October 2018

Why I Write What I Do

2018-11-01T10:42:24-04:00By |

Suspense, Suspicion and Surprise are trademarks of my writing. I love to have my readers sit back after finishing one of my stories and think “Oh, [...]

10 October 2018

My Own Paranormal Experience

2018-11-07T12:37:41-05:00By |

Three times! I’ve seen into the future three different times. It’s always completely unexpected. Each time it happened, I was sitting up, reading in bed—my [...]

15 September 2018

Movin’ On

2018-11-09T12:02:13-05:00By |

Movin' On Movin' On by Barbara Clay Pengelly Do you believe those stories about the full moon—the ones that say the worst crimes [...]

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