Readers, I hope you enjoy this copyrighted story by my friend and fellow author, Nancy Evans. I am making an occasional spot on this website available to fellow writers to show off their writing. Interested? Send me a small sample of your work.

I was absolutely ecstatic! I had finally found an efficiency apartment in lower Manhattan—an apartment I could actually afford. No elevator and up three flights of stairs‚ but it was in a half-decent neighborhood and only about 4 blocks from the subway. After a quick look inside, I signed the lease.

But not long after I moved in, strange things began to happen. Since the apartment was very small, it had a Murphy bed. That’s one of those contraptions that folds up into the wall by day and pulls down into a bed at night. On my very first night, the bed snapped back into the wall—with me in it.

Assuming I had not secured it properly when in the down position, I took great care the next evening to follow all directions. But the same thing happened. To be safe, I decided I would pull the mattress off the bed and use it on the floor. This would be only a small  inconvenience. After all, this apartment was such a wonderful find…

Then, the next morning as I was taking a shower, the water suddenly turned very hot and almost scalded me. Minutes later, when I flushed the toilet, it emitted dreadful sounds, almost like someone actually moaning and groaning. Making a mental note to talk to the super about the bathroom problems, I went on to make breakfast.

After getting the coffee started, I decided to splurge on bacon and eggs. It was Sunday, and I had time for a treat. I grabbed the ingredients out of the frig, adjusted the gas to a medium flame and began to fry the bacon. Suddenly, without warning, the gas flared, and hot grease splattered on me, leaving a painful welt.

Now I was really alarmed. I decided to speak to the super immediately. I dressed quickly and headed for the door. But it was stuck and would not open, no matter what I did! I reached for my cell phone but discovered I had no service. Now thoroughly frightened, I ran for the fire escape. The window slammed closed.

That’s when I heard a creepy voice in the wall say, “HARRY, WE GOT ANOTHER ONE!”